Juggling nothing

ImageThis post is about nothing, in particular zero. Zero the absence of everything is a very abstract concept, which, I believe, originated in Mesopotamia and was given form in India. Yet zero plays an important role in our daily lives. Take for example the binary code on which your computer operates. Ones and zeros. Or as a simple illustration of the importance of zero, place any number of zeros in front of a whole number and its value remains the same, however place the zeros behind that number and magic happens.

In Paris on the square in front of Notre Dame set into the cobbles is a brass ordinance plate. This is Point Zero, a geographical point from which all distances in France are measured.

The notion has a parallel in us as human beings. At an intellectual level we make decisions daily on the basis of a pre-learned or accepted Point Zero. On a conscious level we have an innate or unlearned Point Zero which has many names to many people. Lets call it an essence, or essential, our default setting.

As a human being, and all other notions I may have of myself to include ‘artist’, it is in this essence where the muse hangs out that I seek my INSPIRE-ation. BREATHE IN and be inspired. You have taken delivery of Life itself the source of all inspiration.

And a cautionary note on the subject from Thomas Ediison ”Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” This from a guy who obviously knew nothing.

Apropos to nothing, I met a donkey, a tolerant unassuming and patient creature. A farmer will tell you that if you place a donkey in a field with young cattle they will not attempt to breach the boundaries. That’s a calming influence. I decided on this basis to run the notion of zero past the donkey, like brain storming with one brain… not the donkeys. I told it about Paris and Point Zero and then I had the idea that maybe a donkey could be Point Zero in Ireland. Well route distances marked rarely refer to the distances travelled. I didn’t get a response nor did I see the donkey again. Two months after the encounter I received a postcard from Paris, Notre Dame, Point Zero in the foreground. No message. Nothing. Zero

You may wonder what relevance this has to anything under the sun and I am only too happy to point out that you already know the answer.


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