Fluoride.Whats your poison?

Sadhu1A Minister in the N.Ireland Assembly has decided to put Fluoridation of the water supply back on the agenda. Some years ago a protest was mounted to remove Fluoride from the water in the two ‘study’ areas of N.Ireland, Holywood and Tandragee. The protest was a success and had wide backing from both towns and the wider community. But history has a remarkable ability to turn back on itself in this backwater.

The Minister of the Environment, Edwin Poots is planning to put this industrial waste product back into the water. He is from farming stock and trained, in the field, at Greenmount Agricultural College where the use of phosphate fertilizer would have been taught. Far be it from me to suggest there is an ulterior motive, but fluoride is a by-product of the fertilizer industry.

The history of the practice goes back 60 years plus, but the reasoning is not altogether clear. The premise is that fluoride prevents tooth decay. Dentists promote its use hence you will find the additive in toothpaste. I’m not sure what the fertilizer industry has to say apart from thank you very much for purchasing our waste.

What does cause tooth decay? Would sugar fit the bill? Dentists once upon a time focused our childhood attention on tooth decay caused by over indulgence in jelly beans, butter balls, clove rock, coca cola…..  If you take a cursory glance at processed foods and drinks a recurring additive is sugar and the advertising for some of these products is focused on children. Many of the health problems facing our society can be attributed to bad diet and tooth decay is one such. The Food and Drinks Industries must bear some responsibility.

In conclusion Mr. Poots, medicating the entire population of N.Ireland for a non-communicable disease with a ‘one size fits all’ dosage, regardless of age, weight, or health, seems nothing short of immoral.

p.s. still waiting to see the results from the previous ‘study’ which the Dental Branch have no record of.


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