Weapons of Mass Destruction


We are approaching the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, March 2003. That’s around the time of the release of the final film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy ‘Return of the King’. ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ was released 2001 the same year as the invasion of Afghanistan. Box office success for Bush/Blair and Jackson/Tolkien, Is there a pattern emerging? Can they kick the hobbit?

The Great Crusade against the forces of darkness had prayed together at Camp David as they preyed upon the innocents of a failed state and prepared to fail another.

As Iraq fragments and Afghanistan implodes the foot soldiers of the Great Crusade are preparing to depart leaving a trail of destruction, abuse, broken promises, vulnerable population, and females who will become prisoners of an ideology.

Meanwhile the Crusaders, still at large, have returned to business as usual. Burning Bush has a bit-part in Dallas and Mr.T is aspiring to rejoin the A Team of political life in Britain, as do some of his War Cabinet cronies. The British electorate will not be fooled by the Faith Foundation flag of convenience, will they?

This year will hopefully see the publishing of the sequel to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It has been much delayed and an eager readership await the revelations of Frodo and Sams suspected war crimes in Lord Chilcot Inquires.



3 thoughts on “Weapons of Mass Destruction

  1. Well….keeping my fingers well & truly crossed here, that Scotland will soon be free of the forces of darkness on our shores, we just have to convince the populace that we’ll be better off without them!! (i.e. Westminster, et al !)

    • Thank you Tish. It is a while since I posted that piece so went back for a read and yea it still stands up. Lets hope we as human beings can finally and soon ditch our addiction to weapons and begin the party. Season of goodwill every season. Best wishes.

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