Horses for courses….

Des.DanHorse d’oeuvre.

Todays menu offers further evidence of the great deceit. Capitalism at its most base, the ingredients a closely guarded secret known to the select few. Until now that is. As the truth emerges the Houyhnhnms in their pursuit of perfection have been subjugated by the Yahoos which is evidenced on the shelves of our supermarkets. Gullibles Travels takes us on a journey through Europe to discover the site of that victory. Like a good beef lasagne there are many layers to this story each containing a varying percentage of horsemeat and bullshit, and subsequent pronouncements by politicians and supermarket CEO’s are served on the hoof.

Main Course

Is it a steeplechase?  Is it flat race or point- to-point? This equestrian blame game is galloping around Europe, from Poland to France, Romania to Britain, Italy to Ireland. The Food Standards Agency in Ireland raised the flag when they found traces of horse DNA in supermarket ready-meals. But the Garda Siochana have never found any trace of Shergar the Irish racehorse abducted in 1983. In light of current events can that mystery now be solved? Shergar was stolen from the stud in Kildare and held to ransom. The finger was pointed at the IRA special ops who were fund raising and odds on favourite to make a killing, which, it is said, they duly did in the absence of a payout. The menu for delegates at the Ard Fheis that year was bannered ‘Grand Nationalist Banquet’ possibly a tongue in cheek reference to the last resting place of Shergar. Had the delegates been aware, the sprint for the john would have been a photo finish to the great horse’s career.


There is a prevailing wind of change on the planet as human beings seek to reclaim their humanity in the face of stiff competition. ‘The end is neigh’ the quote-coats declare. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse may be riding out but, with the current appetite for horsemeat, the riders would be well advised to keep a sharp eye on their chargers!




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