An open letter

Dear God…

You can’t write that.

Why not?

It’s too formal.

This is the Supreme Being we’re talking about.

Yea, and you are part of El Supremo’s creation, right?

What like family?

Yea I suppose so.

What about Dear Father…

No. Your not Jesus or any of the prophets are you?

If I get a response then I’ll know, and I’ll let you know.

You’re expecting a response, a letter in the post?

Haven’t thought that far ahead. Maybe a sign.

A sign? Are you serious? What like a burning bush?

I’ll write the letter.

I’ve an idea. What about Dear Santa…

That’s funny. I’m not a four year old.

You believed in Santa when you were four, now you believe in a Santa for Grown-ups. Long grey hair and long grey beard.

Well… still not sure about the salutation

Important to get that right otherwise it could end up with the other fellow.

Who? Satan?

If you mis-spell Santa.

Dear Supreme Being….I think that covers it.

Ok, now you’ve got a salutation what are you going to write. Is it a job application?

Strikes me that this corner of creation is broken, I mean its not working is it? The crown of creation, that’s us, has fucked up big style.

Can’t say that to the Big Lad. Not very respectful and it seems like you’re passing the blame. Then, my friend, you’re fucked!

No, no. Look we either believe or we don’t. Those who do believe don’t share the same belief, and those who don’t believe must believe in something but not what the believers believe. Therein lies the problem. I want to know why and that’s why I’m writing the letter.

Fair enough. So when you’re finished this letter what are you going to do with it?

I’m not sure. What do you think?

Put it up the chimney!


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