Cave Dwellers


‘Down in the forest living in a tent, Better than the prefabs, No rent!’

What ever happened to human beings? The level of human consciousness is receding like the Arctic icecap or the British economy, and Britain is headed for the caves.

Apparently we have a housing crisis. There is a shortfall in available housing due to Maggie’s, (god rest ‘ersoul ), sell off of council houses, the financial down turn, a reduced public housing programme, and a construction industry in freefall. The Government’s solution: a bedroom tax. Who will that effect: those who live in council houses, i.e. the working and not working class. Yes, we are all in this together, Dave.

The banks solution: repossession of the homes of mortgage defaulters, i.e. those who have lost their job or find themselves in financial difficulties due to the current financial climate. Nothing to do with malpractice in the banking industry then? We’re all in this together, Dave.

Net result: increased pressure on the housing stock due to increased homelessness. So it’s back to the caves.

Meanwhile we have new build properties unoccupied. These properties belong to the banks acquired when construction companies, again due to the financial climate, were unable to service loans. We also have a housing stock of some 750,000 empty properties in need of renovation. Planning and building control exacerbate the problem with regulations, which deter all but the stout of heart or those with a plain brown envelope. So, back to the caves.

It’s been a long time in the brewing and has now reached maturity, which is more than can be said for our public servants. We human beings need to reclaim our humanity from the self-serving, greedy autocrats, and sycophants whose vocabulary does not include the word.

Or children, it’s back to the caves.

The one person to benefit from this will be George ‘Ozzy’ Osborne who’s getting his tongue around cave diction and his teeth into bat flesh.


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