Thursday last the British Government was defeated by a narrow margin on their plan to support intervention in the unfolding disaster that is Syria. That Ed Milliiband did not support David Cameron has played out like an episode from ‘The Thick of It’. The Times quoted a source at No.10, ”the Foreign Office thinks Ed Milliband is a fucking cunt and a copper bottomed shit”. Malcolm Tucker is alive and well at the heart of British Political life.

UN inspectors in Syria removed materials from the Damascus suburb, allegedly bombed with chemical weapons, for analysis. Until the results are available any intervention should be deemed illegal. A missile strike as prescribed by the US would cause added misery and death to a civilian population caught in the middle of a civil war, while the received wisdom suggests a strike, intended as a shot across the bows, would destabilise the entire region. The Pentagon Hawks have no such concerns, fingering the Assad regime for the atrocity and convincing the President to send in the missiles. Shame on you Obama being in thrall to such a gang of ‘fuckwits’.

I borrow the term from, but refuse to identify, an American comedian resident in Britain. My fear is that the Pentagon will visit their wrath upon his domestic arrangement. Imagine the potential scenario. Said Comedian gets wind of the Hawks intent and rents residence to an unsuspecting family of Middle Eastern origin. The intel does not reach base and a cruise or drone is dispatched. The innocents are struck by the hand of God and dispatched to the Seventy Virgin terrain of mobile phones and cable television. The US claim a strike for democracy against an Islamic Fundamentalist cell in the heart of a British city.

The humour may cause offence but that an administration can make life and death decisions on questionable evidence is more than offensive, it’s an obscenity. My fear is that the Ultra right of US politics, born again, self-righteous ‘fuckwits’ are on a funded, full blown Hollywood Production of Armageddon.

The G20 ‘s decisive ‘no’ vote to a military intervention will see Obama and Cameron licking their political wounds, while the Hawks will be consulting with God.

Image: Falling Angels dedicated to those caught in 9/11 who had nowhere else to go.


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