Voodoo who do you do


When nature demonstrates the ages of man causing the milk teeth of childhood to be discarded, allowing for the next stage in development, adults encourage children to place the tooth under the pillow before going to sleep. The Tooth Fairy would arrive in the night to remove the tooth and replace it with a coin or a small gift, they explain.

That sensation of a loosening tooth lingers in some corner of my memory. Once discovered the tongue would worry it, then my tiny fingers would wobble and work it loose until finally, clinging by a thread, it relented. Then the ritual could be enacted. The promise of a visitation and reward would, without protest, see me off to bed early. Had early signs of deviance been evident this was the time. I could have lain under the covers attendant to unfamiliar movements of the Tooth Fairy and relieved it of its bounty without trade. However I was spared a life of crime, as sleep overtook me, and I accepted the exchange.

Another more sinister myth endures propagated and blessed by corporate interests; Santa Claus. As the lead up to Christmas now begins in October, the myth and magic of the bearded one is embedded in the minds of another generation of innocents, who in turn will pass it to subsequent generations as I did. It’s my opinion that Old Fatty really has had his day of causing disappointment among the world’s children. His universal appeal does not have a universal result. How many kids wake on Christmas morning and it’s just another day. Where’s the magic in that? Christmas dinner…. Well maybe. Where’s the humanity in that?

Call me what you like but this geezer is a problem. So I’ve got an age-old remedy for an old age and overweight, bearded deviant who enters homes in the dead of night on the pretext that he is a Saint.

Sponsor a needle anyone?


One thought on “Voodoo who do you do

  1. ha ha! Grand stuff Gerry! I heard a radio presenter the other day discussing the modern notion of letters to Santa being sent by email and/or twitter!! What next?… and I thought every child with half an ounce of sense realised that the beardy pervert in the red suit shagging your mother on the sofa was really your dad… er… or maybe your uncle… or maybe the next door neighbour ha ha!!

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