A message in a bottle

Strange brew

Scarlet Johansson has recently resigned as a Goodwill Ambassador to Oxfam. She has a promotion contract with an Israeli Soft-drinks Company, Sodastream, whose factory is located in the occupied west bank. This apparent conflict of interest provided a contention. Whether Ms. Johannson need explain herself to the world for her sponsorships or ambassadorships is for her. That old adage ‘let he, or she, that is without sin cast the first soda stream canister.’

‘The village that fought back: Five Broken Cameras’ is a documentary compiled from the video diary of Palestinian farmer, Emad Burmat in collaboration with Israeli director Guy David. The documentary about Bil’in villager’s peaceful protest against the annexing of their land with a ‘security barrier’,and settlement provides evidence of murder, violence, bullying, and vandalism by the Israeli Army and West Bank settlers. The 52nd State has a siege mentality that feeds on the support of an international lobby, yet it is responsible for some atrocious human rights violations.

Someone somewhere will hear the anti-semitic klaxon crank up to international volume. When there is focus on the Jewish State, which does not mention Moses or Solomon or Sodastream, it seems destined to wear shame. To clarify my position I was brought to be a disciple of a Jewish Prophet, Jesus.

My sons went to school with a young Israeli guy who spoke English with a liberal use of ‘fuck’, which he had acquired in conversational exchange. I say liberal because it was also used to teachers and parents alike. Lets call him…..Abraham since he willingly sacrificed the English language on the altar of ignorance.

“Cup of tea, Abe?”

“Ah Fuck, yea Gerry. And have you biscuits?”

“Yea I’m sure we can find some.”

“Fuck, great, thank you.”

When Abe returned to Israel to fulfill his destiny and obligations to The State, National Service and the Kibbutz, he kept contact with his school friends. One afternoon I received a call from Israel. Without a preamble the caller stated that he was a Mossad Intelligence Officer and demanded information on the caller responsible for calls to my number from Kibbutz Geshur.

I fear I may be regarded anti-semitic in my response. Pointing out to the caller that if he were, as stated, an Intelligence Officer then it was his job and not mine to answer such questions, so I told him to ‘Fuck off’ and hung up.


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