Creation: the facts, ism


Notice to citizens:

Planet 3

Solar 205

Galaxy 975420.

The Creator has found your case for continued occupation of Planet 3, aka, Earth to lack merit and is therefore expelling you from imaginings. With effect immediately.

See attached.

Office of Divine Intervention




A brief note on my intentions. You are probably going to take this as a slight to your perceived status. You are intensely up yourselves if you can take the criticism. It’s always about yourselves and yet you can’t agree among yourselves. To be perfectly honest this is getting right on my tits.

When I was younger, some eternity ago, Project Human was a constant in my ongoing creation. I sort of saved you to the last as I observed how things were going in other corners of the vastness. Not an easy task as it doesn’t leave a lot of me time. However experiments are like that, as they progress things can spiral out of control and self-destruct. That’s all part of the joy whereas you guys have this notion you’ve dreamed up, from an over indulgence in stimulants when your not indulging in procreation, that there is some sort of master plan. The irony in that is you can’t agree on who might have created this master plan as you beat each other up with fairy tales you call ‘inspired texts’. Now there’s a misnomer if ever.

When the experiment on Planet 3 began I was excited by the notion of creating something in my own likeness. It took a while to tweak what was crawling out of the swamp soup before I arrived at something that pleased me. Unfortunately it all started to go shitwards pretty rapidly. As you evolved, yes evolved ape features, you started to get notions of grandeur and superiority. Even amongst yourselves this became pronounced and has, as I’m sure you will admit at least in the privacy of your own illusion, revealed your Achilles heal.

Now, major pain that it is, I have to admit to myself that I the infallible, immutable one and only trueness got it wrong. My imaginings need re-imagining and you guys just don’t feature. Consider this a late response to your query some months back.*

God I do spend a lot of time talking to myself. If only I had some company ‘round here. Maybe I should marry.


*referring to An Open Letter, dated 24 March ‘13


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