A tissue of lies?


Mr. Sainsbury, as a customer I commend you on stocking products that reflect and promote public awareness. As a dynastic Greengrocer, who includes green products on the shelves, your green-ness has been compromised by being somewhat green when it comes to graphics. As was my own reaction, this product must surely have caused a smile or a snigger in the household department as customers browsed the shelves of toilet tissue. Recycle Toilet Tissue indeed!

The package says it all though there may be an essential piece of information or punctuation omitted. I suspect, Mr.Sainsbury, that someone was not paying attention. ttEither that or that same someone is shitting us or taking the piss, which may be concealed in the small print, since no one has noticed or they are too green to say. Conversely, having been assured that my observation is old news, I would have thought a Corporation of such standing in the best interests of commerce would have withdrawn said packaging, had litigious exchange with the graphic designer, and assured customers that the wording did not reflect on the product’s content.

As a consequence I can only conclude that the product description does indeed describe the contents accurately, a double entendre, reasoning that customers will assume, as I have, that the product has been inappropriately labeled. I suspect a smear campaign is already afoot and the truth will be flushed out. When the banks of the cesspool of incriminations finally breeches the shit, most assuredly, will hit the fan.



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