I am an artist craftsman working 2D and 3D in Belfast, N.Ireland. Photography is the chosen medium for 2D, composite and site specific, while 3D varies from small format sculpture to hand built furniture in a variety of materials.The composite images, some tongue in cheek, are comments on society, religion, national and international events. My work has shown in one-person and group shows nationally and internationally.

The purpose of the blog is to open an archive of work, themed photo essays and travelogues to a new audience. The written element may or may not comment but will complement the visual content.I reserve the right to make observation on local and world events from my perspective in this parochial backwater where words for rain compete with supposed Eskimo words for snow. My intention is to inform, entertain , and amuse while you the reader may be the judge.

Gerry Murphy.


One thought on “About

  1. Gerry, excited to find your blog (thank you!) and look forward to reading your thoughts, manifestos, concerns, astute syntheses of the messiness and beauty of life, politics, the goings-on of this planet!

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