Road to Corlough

Corlough National School, Cavan,Ireland


This installation was the result of a collaborative project entitled ‘Two Minds’. The rationale was to include artworks in new-build projects where artist and architect worked together to realise a work integral to the entire project. In theory all public building projects have a percentage within the budget for artwork/s.

I worked with Keys and Monaghan’s Alistair Keys on a new school building in Cavan, Ireland. Though it did take several years from inception to finalise detail the work was completed and installed in July 2011.

mid sec.

I met with the teachers and pupils at their old school building to introduce the project and sought the pupils’ (aged 4 to 11) assistance in producing the artwork, which would form a part of the new school environment. The idea was to create a snapshot of the environs in which they lived and were educated as a visual archive and resource for the artwork. A number of disposable cameras were distributed, returned, developed and collated. I had approximately 750 images with which to work.

The work is entitled ‘The Road to Corlough’ using the line of the road that links the old and new school buildings to define the frame. The photographs are layered on a mirrored base to create a kaleidoscope of colour and form.


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