Transatlantic Trade Investment Programme


“In days of old we’d both agree

that I am you and you are me.

What has happened to us two

That I am me and you are you?”

Anon.  Sanskrit Poem


TTIP. It’s curious that most people have no idea what this small grouping of letters denote. If the proposed agenda is realized it will have seismic repercussions for all European countries. We are being sold a pup.

Transatlantic Trade Investment Programme is none other than a land grab by a consortium of large corporations and multinationals under the auspices of a beneficent US government. The UK’s Conservative government has bought the pup and is selling it on as a boost to Britain’s trading opportunities with the US, therefore a boon to the British economy.

Now if you buy that you may be interested in sharing your bank and credit card details with me as I have instruction from the estate of Horatio van Horten, late of the Horten Diamond Consortium, to redistribute his vast fortune to a very select few.

The problem with TTIP is that negotiations are currently conducted for the benefit of the European economy without consultation with the electorate. This is a land grab of the greatest magnitude that will allow the faceless Multi’s and Corps to steal our democracy for the benefit of the small percentage of ultra rich. When you take into account that Nestle were exporting water from Canada during a drought, and their ex CEO stated that ‘water was not a human right’; Monsanto are attempting to establish copy right on seed stock; AngloGold, Rio Tinto, and other giant mining corps are responsible for land grab, human rights abuses and pollution, something is amiss don’t you think. In the interests of profit (greed) governments in Asia have been persuaded to back the corporate land grab with the might of their armed forces to subjugate and murder their own citizens. Is this where we are headed? Are we to bow to the superior greed of this alien breed who lack empathy for us mere mortals? With a population of 7 billion and counting I think we can win this battle.


‘TTIP a proposed agreement between the EU and US ( aimed at creating the worlds biggest trade-free zone spanning the north Atlantic ) runs the real risk of reducing the ability of future governments to regulate for healthier food systems by, in effect, prohibiting regulations that could hit the profits for foreign investors’

Lucy Siegle. Obs. Aug 31



Nestles pipe dream!


“Water water every where nor any drop to drink…”

It is the opinion of Peter Brabeck Letmanthe, CEO of Nestle, NGO’s insistence that water is a human right is extreme. NGO’s “who bang on about declaring water a public right. That means as a human being you should have a right to water. That is an extreme solution.” Mr. PBL’s view from the lofty heights of the Nestle nest at the top of the corporation tree is that, like food, water is a saleable commodity and therefore should be privatised for the benefit of the global market. “..and then one should take specific measures for the part of the population that has no access to water and there are many possibilities there.”

This from the CEO of a company who aggressively marketed powered milk for infants in the third world when the west advised breast feeding as the natural and healthy choice. The result: a rise in infant mortality rates in the target countries due to a lack of a potable public water resource.

The twisted logic that is pervasive from the 5% is evident in Mr. PBL’s pronouncement, “ We’ve never had it so good, we’ve never had so much money, we’ve never been so healthy. We have everything we want” Humanity, empathy and compassion do not feature in the lexicon of Multinationals.

‘At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. More than 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where income differentials are widening. The poorest 40 percent of the world’s population accounts for 5 percent of global income’. Global

How does that tally with your worldview from Schloss Pete in the Swiss Alps with the Sound of Music playing out of your arse, Mr. PBL? My view and that of the 80%+, though they are too polite to say so, is that you are a dyed-in-the-wool Fuckwit.

Water grab over my dead body!


If I’m found up a dark alley with a Swiss army knife, hand crafted in platinum bearing the monogram PBL, in my back…….

Update: Seems Peter got the boot so now an Ex CEO. Maybe he just got to big for his waterboots resulting in the company’s assets springing a leak.