War or Peace?


War. Wars give Government a sense of purpose and good media copy. We do wars well. We have devised weaponry down the generations for face-to-face combat and remote assassination. Children of the digital age are proficient at virtual war on their games consoles some graduating to actual combat. Images of drone strikes half way across the world delivered by an operative in a bunker in the Nevada desert are common and will become more so as the technology develops. Faceless combatants murder innocents in cases of mistaken identity. Collateral damage? No no. MURDER

Who are the winners in this war? Certainly not human beings. An increasing humanitarian crisis ensues of displaced peoples, of woman and children whose security has been robbed in the name of security, whose innocence is not considered by those who perpetrate these obscenities.

It’s not surprising that the Arms Industry is a global leader. Their agenda does not factor in the devastation to human life they facilitate, or the misery they cause. The numbers don’t figure on the bottom line. Investors, shareholders and governments are the beneficiaries not those on the delivery end of the product Such blatant disregard for the sanctity of human life can only be described as evil. Is there another word?

Peace. Now there’s a word we’ve bounced about in our vocabulary for a million generations. And, as yet, seem to have either misplaced or misunderstood it’s meaning. Our culture is awash with symbolism purporting to address our conviction. T-shirts, flags and Christmas cards emblazoned with the word amount to no more than lip service to the potential. Gatherings of protestors, revellers and photo op’s feature the two-fingered salute that signifies ‘Peace’. All this amounts to little more than pissing into the wind. Meanwhile religion offers an afterlife ‘kingdom of heaven’ to all who follow their tenets. What about ‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’? Just another slogan to entice the gullible?

How refreshing and what a privilege to have been a delegate at ‘A Time for Peace” with Prem Rawat in Dublin. The clarity and focus of his presentation leaves me in no doubt that this man knows exactly what peace is and how to open human beings to the possibility of actually achieving it in their own lives.


“ When people are at peace the world will be at peace”.  Prem Rawat





No paddies


As human beings we are prisoners to the past and aspirants to the future, yet though we live in the present we rarely spend much time there. The misdeeds of recent history haunt our waking hours. We instigate enquiries and commission reports in an effort to gain ‘closure’. I wonder aloud if this is the serpent eating its own tail.

Ireland is in the news, President Michael D Higgins was this week on a State visit to Britain at the invite of the Queen. This is the first head of the Irish State to be honoured with the full pomp and ceremony of such an occasion. This follows on the heels of the State visit the Queen made to Ireland in 2011 at the invitation of the then President, Mary McAleese.

The Great Hall at Winsor Castle was the venue for the evenings Banquet and speechifying. Ah, but there was an elephant in the room. To the anger and consternation of some in N.Ireland the Deputy First Minister Martin Mc Guinness was also an honoured guest. The alleged Commander-in-Chief of the Irish Republican Army, who were responsible for terrorist atrocities, was in good company. The ex Commander-in-Chief of the Parachute Regiment, who also ran a campaign of terror in N.Ireland, was present. I am sure Prince Charles and Martin rubbed along rightly, whilst sipping on Talisker and Black Bush.

Long may the talking last and maybe, ex Minister of State for N.Ireland, Peter Hain’s proposal that we draw a line under the past will take root.

Is it naive to hope for a peaceful world? Is it naïve for humanity to expect such an outcome when we are still producing and refining weapons that will dispatch efficiently those whom we label our enemies?

“ To take away a life must always be the ultimate unpardonable act of censorship.” John McGahern

“ I believe that peace will be humanity’s greatest achievement.” Prem Rawat

New Years revolution?

soap“The true fulfilment only comes from within the depths of your being. This is the place, from within you that the peace needs to emanate. We become philosophical about peace. Peace is not a philosophy: peace is a feeling.” Prem Rawat


‘The Buddha advocated that one should establish mindfulness in one’s day-to-day life’. That is to say be conscious of who you are as a living, breathing human being, and how you interact with others. It’s a simple science for how we should live our lives. Paramahansa Yogananda’s book ‘Metaphysical Meditations’ contains advice in simple verse. If I may paraphrase from a selected verse, ‘Why if you are having a bad day should you take that out into the world to infect others around you?’ We’ve all been there and bore witness to the outcomes.

Being conscious is something worth striving for as it gives meaning to what we are doing here in the first place. A door opening, the veil withdrawn, chose your own metaphor; there are plenty to choose from. Simply put: Be conscious and at peace with yourself.


When actions are carried out with little care and attention, with no feeling or concern for outcomes they can be described as mindless. The word is often used in conjunction with violence, a negative state of being. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t our natural inclination towards being comfortable and relaxed, the default to be in sync with those around us? You don’t have to agree with all shades of opinion but that’s not a reason for dispute or violence, is it? Can we find accommodation with others and agree to differ, be civilised?


That’s what missing between the two states of being, and the two words. Enjoying Life is not a selfish pursuit because it can only be achieved when you’re in sync, in harmony with your true nature. From childhood when the age of reason was achieved our tender consciousness was pummelled with notions of inadequacy, guilt, and imperfection. That we should spend our lives living for some future reward was taught by those who did not know,passed down from previous generations who did not know. Layers of ignorance about our true nature have blighted the human experience. Put the fun back into mindless and lets party.

‘Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think

Enjoy yourself while you’re still in the pink

The years go by as quickly as you wink

Enjoy yourself enjoy yourself

It’s later than you think’

Song by Carl Sigman and Herb Magidson